Friday, October 15, 2010

Notso Daily Pictures 10/15/10

 Well I'm finally updating again! A week back there was a pride parade for the national "coming out" day. I wish I took better pictures, especially with the numerous dress wearing men walking in the parade!
 Vibrant and colorful was the theme here (hence the original meaning of the word "gay") Sadly where we were standing there was a guy with a sound system saying that God doesn't hate them, he just hates their sin, and that what they're doing is making them cursed to burn in hell, blah blah, sodomy, blah repent, blah. I'm a Christian myself, but telling people they'll burn in hell just doesn't send a good message for the faith.
 Of course more than half the parade was sponsored vehicles or floats, and luckily all the vehicles had blasting sound systems that drowned out the Debbie down-in-hell.

 And then there's a rational religious man. Sadly every church that joined in the parade was insulted viciously by the guy. There's only one way of Christianity and that is to hate those that don't fit the cookie cutter morals apparently.
 Angels of peace I'm wildly assuming unless they named themselves something completely unguessable. I was confused with their getup to be honest. The sheet doubled as their cloth and their wings.
 After the parade was done we went to go meet some of my girlfriend's friends. We were the straight couple swimming in the greater portion of our city's gay population. I felt outmatched  due to the fact that the girls had the most acute boob radar. By the time we started heading home they saw 3 naked girls that I missed and I got the unenjoyable find of a very portly hairy man shirtless with nipple tassles!
We came home, had a home cooked meal, laughed with my family and played around for a little bit. This is my futile attempt trying to take a picture of my girlfriend. My camera can't take pictures fast enough, so she messed up a good 10+ attempts before I was even able to get this!