Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daily Pictures: Thursday 9/30

Today I spent the entire day right here. I took my antibiotics/everything like a good boy and stayed in bed. I did not pass GO. I did not collect my $200. Ladies and gentlemen, Strep sucks. My Friday night date has been canceled, which really ticks me off. I will punch Strep right in the throat should I ever come by it again. This is not a fun experience. Goodnight everyone, I sleep defeated.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daily Pictures: Wednesday 9/29

 Today was a pretty gross day. I'm bedlocked because I magically got Strep somewhere. I go to the doc in a box with my dad since the doctor is an old air force friend of his. They make me do all these crazy things! I had some sort of shot in my butt to open my throat and lungs, and had to use a vapor machine for 20 minutes. After a while the doc comes back in, and he says "yep you got strep" in a way that I thought he was kidding at first. Turns out he totally wasn't. I get to have an inhaler and antibiotics. He also suggested I get into a sport to strengthen my lungs since they aren't as strong as the need to be.

 I didn't pay attention to what my doctor was prescribing me, and it didn't matter too much to me. Military health insurance as well as my mother's health insurance paid for everything for us, so anything that will help me get over this faster the better in my opinion.
 Before I start on what they gave me I thought I would have at least have something that isn't water today, and my dad brought in some dilly bars after he spent the day with grandma. The bad news is that they pretty much melted when he brought them and they didn't solidify by the time I decided I would enjoy one 3 hours later. Luckily I caught the thing before it fell right off the wooden stick!
 Alright, so prescription story time. First impression was that I got some sort of inhaler and two different brands of antibiotics. Wrong. Turns out one of them is a type of steroids! Not the kind that I could hustle to body builders mind you, but still. Overkill! The strep symptoms were already calming down by the time I came to the doctor.

Have you ever gone to a party where there's this one belligerent drunken douche that really rubs you the wrong way so much that you want to punch him but by the time you want to he's gone? Well then a few hours later the douche comes back in the room starting to sober up and then POW you punch that fucker right in the face! That is how I feel this strep situation is being handled. I'm going to get over this strep so fast, and if I don't I'm going to be pissed. I have very important things to be doing this weekend!

Daily Pictures: Tuesday 9/28

 Today I went to a state fair! It was pretty much a lot of fun. People watching and miscellaneous rides galore. We got there pretty late however, but that didn't lessen the fun we had all night!
 Most of the popular rides involved getting put upside down and falling.
 It was tons of fun. People were everywhere and in good spirits. The only reason we left was because the fair started to close down.

There was also a human cannonball guy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Daily Pictures: Monday 9/27

 Today has been a boring rainy day. I didn't go and do much today however I got to talk to the people I enjoy talking to. Tomorrow is hopefully going to be a much more exciting day filled with the destruction of a couch, followed by another day where I go and find someone giving away a free couch. Yay people giving away their shit for free!
Here's a picture of a hyper dog I met earlier this week. As it turns out I am one of the few dog lovers in our group and Shelby (the dog) would only play nice with me while I was there.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daily Pictures: Sunday 9/26

 Today was another day of volleyball. This time I got to play. I'm about as talented at volleyball as a shirt is talented being a pair of pants.
Sadly the day ended early with it raining on our parade. I've met a new passion for a sport and its name just so happens to be volleyball.

Daily Picture: Saturday 9/25

Today was an interesting day; I got to see a volleyball tournament.  The prize for 1st and 2nd was getting able to play against the Olympic Gold Medalist team Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers. It was pretty fun.
 It was sponsored by Red Bull, and there was free Red Bull all over the place. Needless to say I got some intense sugar rushes. I was twitching by the end of the tournament.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Hello, people! Today I've decided to start blogging. I don't know why I open everything by stating the obvious, but who cares!? I'm a socially awkward guy in a socially awkward world as it seems. I'm not artsy or have super fun cool opinions or anything. Maybe you'll find me funny later on, but for now I'm just trying to grasp this concept around my head. I'll undoubtedly just turn this into a prose dump because I write stuff and now I can use this and not facebook to make an ass of myself! Man I just realized how clever I am. You can call me genius McAsshat. I guess for this first post I'll talk about how I'm playing the new pokemon Black! It's freaking difficult because I don't speak the japanese. I'd recommend it to anyone that isn't already sickened by the companies milking that franchise until not even dust could come out. Today has definitely not been a blog worthy day. I woke up and once again skipped my math class, the only class I have today. Is it my fault I hate waking up early on Fridays to sit and listen to boring for 50 minutes just to drive back home? The answer is no, although, the real answer is yes but shut up! I...don't even have good grades in that class. God I'm a failure. Anyways, I'm certain I'll pick that back up and stop sucking the rest of the semester! Because with school once you've hit rock bottom the only direction is away because there's no point in fighting to get a 30 to 50 and stress out just to still be a loser. Luckily I'm not that stupid. I just need to pay attention. Anyways, enough about me, and more about me, because this is my blog. Although I would love to hear what you have to offer.....ya.....oh,'ve changed my life forever. Thank you for sharing that wonderful piece of information.

Anyways, tl;dr welcome to blog. I found a good super dramatic story I wrote a year ago. I'll share it next time.