Monday, November 15, 2010

Update 11/15/2010

Archos 5 500 GB Internet Tablet with AndroidIt's quickly starting to not become 2010, isn't it? Today I finally found the charger to my long lost friend the Archos media player. Granted mine is an old model, but once Archos worked together with  Google's android OS the media player suddenly became the answer to every entertainment need.

Onto other more important things, it's going to be my girlfriend and I's halfversary in a few days, and I'll be joining her and her family for Thanksgiving. My family however will be voyaging onwards to our family further up north without me. Come next opportunity to visit them I am beyond obligated to go, because it's been roughly two years since I've last seen them, and they're not getting any younger.

Today doesn't really mark my roughly a year long search to find a job. Times aren't exactly tough, and I have my safety nets that I'm resting on, but I'd like to give them a rest and stand on my own two feet. The consistent problem I have come across is that everyone wants experience and refuses new and inexperienced. My problem is that throughout high school and most of college I have focused mostly on school. Any work experience I have I either shouldn't use because I made choices that makes them unusable as references or lost most information people ask such as the manager's name and the store's am I supposed to remember that from 3 years ago?

Soon my father will take me to a temp agency where I'll hopefully start getting some work experience. The only reason I wait for my father on this is that it's something he and I have always done. That is that whenever there is something new and unfamiliar with real world interaction (getting my license, going to court for being stupid on the road, visiting colleges) he has always insisted that he comes with me and show me some of the ropes. I appreciate his willingness to help and coincidentally I have come to rely on him for things like this. I only hope that he lives long enough until it's my turn to be the fountain of knowledge for my children the same way he has shed light on so many things this world expects me to know without any pregame coaching that my father has provided most of my life.

I'm starting in a new college come next semester and this is the first decision I have made without asking for my parents' opinions. This is the fourth college I have attended in my two years of college. The first college was on a military reserves base that was originally Air Force but then due to military downsizing they were forced to lean on the Navy that then shared half the base for their active duty soldiers. The reason this college closed down is because the Navy moved out and got replaced by the National Guard, whom "did not associate themselves with any college or institutions". That's their official way of saying all colleges and non military organizations that were using the typically vacant Navy buildings were forced to leave and find another home. With that I transferred to my first true college experience up north in my state. I stayed with them for a semester and during spring break I received an email from the school saying they were closing in two weeks due to a major benefactor pulling out their funding which was keeping the school afloat. I then went to a more stable public college but as it turned out I just received no joy from this college. It's as if all my faith in the academia had been ripped out from under my feet. I lost interest in college, but I knew that if I wanted anything to succeed in my life I would need a degree and more determination than I have ever had in my life. Along this metamorphosis of my life stance I came across my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend. She has singlehandedly rekindled my interest in college, and I am now taking classes at the same college as her, more determined than ever to succeed. Currently I'm looking at apartments but my empty pockets tell me I'm not ready to start off on my own yet. I need a job. But now there is a pressing matter. My house is 20 minutes to an hour away from this urban college due to varying traffic.

My predicament is this: Do I ask even more from my parents and pay for an apartment as well as college while I look for a job that has proven to be very fruitless meaning more money out of their pocket? Keep in mind my family lives paycheck to paycheck and they pay for my college because they believe in me even when I didn't believe in myself. Our state has a reimbursement program for college students with good grades, which I technically am legible for, but because of my nomadic and hectic college life thus far bureaucracy  has me in a corner and incapable of using that much needed financial slack. Jobs are dry for nobodies like me around where I live, however the college is always looking for workers that will accept below minimum wage. I have a lot to think about, and most of this will solve itself along the way. But I can't help but keep a watchful eye and make sure that all my ends are met. My life is a ball of tangled wire and I keep on getting lemons, what the fuck am I supposed to Macgyver out of this?