Sunday, October 3, 2010

Daily Pictures: Saturday 10/02

 What a fun turn out! Best part is our team won 37-10! I go to the home games with my girlfriend's mother and we get will call tickets for free (My girlfriend is one of those white shirt khaki pants people working with the team). Will call doesn't exactly land us very enjoyable seats, but the place doesn't check your ticket but twice (once to get in and once to get in your seat section) which means once you pass that second check it's free roam in the seating.
 We found a nice and front row center set of seats so we got to watch the whole game pretty nicely! There were some amazing passes being done out there by our team! It almost felt like they were playing a high school team.
The funniest parts were that our team was blue shirt white pants while their team was white shirts blue pants. That got confusing, especially when our cheerleaders were chanting the team colors...the same colors the other team was wearing! Later in the game I also noticed that their quarterback, number 7, shared the same number as another player on the D-line. Two 7's in one team!?
It was fun. I wish I had gotten to see my little worker bee a lot more (especially since this week I didn't get to see her at all) but I guess that's for another time.