Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm failing this daily update thing...

 First we will start with last weeks Panther game! WE WON. That set us at 5-2. Sadly yesterday's game was an away game and further sadness is that we lost.
Even though we won this game in the pictures, there was a lot of stress and conflict between the lines and the non line players. It wasn't a very sturdy game that went into double time and only won because the opposing team couldn't manage their field goal while we did manage one.

 Then another day some friends and I went out and played ultimate frisbee for a handful of hours and then some of us went for Mellow Mushroom Pizza, which is delicious. Absolutely delicious. We were lucky because they close around 10pm and we got there at 9:30. Afterwards we all loitered outside and did stupid things and just chewed the fat before we all went to a friend's house.
 You know what's awesome about camera shy friends? The great feeling of success after finally getting a clear shot of them. Take that!

 Once I woke up and came home, I found a truck donning some truck nuts in front of my house and that was pretty gross. Turns out it was the toilet man's car, which explains why there were toilets in the front yard. Needless to say I am a pretty classy guy, with my toilets on the outside.

a few days after that I went out exploring with my beautiful girlfriend and window shopped around places. Sadly she won't be with me on Halloween because football>me qq (just kidding, honey!) 
then there were dorky overprice tshirts that were pretty cool, but not $30 cool...

 We walked outside the shop and noticed this graffiti on the side of another shop. She was actually the one to suggest I take a picture of this one. Nice suggestion!

 fast forward a few more days (filled with fantastic girlfriend time that can't be put into pictures) and I find myself at a free Mute Math concert!
 This is at the Kennesaw State University, who provided the free concert for everyone regardless of school affiliation, meaning I got to just waltz on over.
They were very good. Sadly about halfway through you could tell the lead singer was starting to lose his voice.
 For some reason all my friends ignored me and rushed to the front and center of the area. Luckily one other straggler joined me and a good number of others after a while as well.
 It went on into the night. The singer was staying strong although he wasn't able to sing as loudly as he normally could. By now he made a shout out for his pregnant wife. What a sweatheart. I'd do that for my love if I had a popular band during a concert.
 The light show was simple but very enjoyable. The moment the sun started to come down the lights really kicked in. A good number of my shots got messed up because of the bright lights.

However the low intensity multi-color lights looked fantastic in the dark. I really wish I had a good enough camera and was close enough to take a photo of the drummer during their finale song, "Reset". He poured an entire water bottle onto his snare drum and it looked fantastic even from my distance! If I had anything better than a cell phone camera I'd have attempted to take that shot.


  1. you changed the name of your blog!
    also I'm totally in two of these pictures! lol

  2. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you