Friday, September 24, 2010


Hello, people! Today I've decided to start blogging. I don't know why I open everything by stating the obvious, but who cares!? I'm a socially awkward guy in a socially awkward world as it seems. I'm not artsy or have super fun cool opinions or anything. Maybe you'll find me funny later on, but for now I'm just trying to grasp this concept around my head. I'll undoubtedly just turn this into a prose dump because I write stuff and now I can use this and not facebook to make an ass of myself! Man I just realized how clever I am. You can call me genius McAsshat. I guess for this first post I'll talk about how I'm playing the new pokemon Black! It's freaking difficult because I don't speak the japanese. I'd recommend it to anyone that isn't already sickened by the companies milking that franchise until not even dust could come out. Today has definitely not been a blog worthy day. I woke up and once again skipped my math class, the only class I have today. Is it my fault I hate waking up early on Fridays to sit and listen to boring for 50 minutes just to drive back home? The answer is no, although, the real answer is yes but shut up! I...don't even have good grades in that class. God I'm a failure. Anyways, I'm certain I'll pick that back up and stop sucking the rest of the semester! Because with school once you've hit rock bottom the only direction is away because there's no point in fighting to get a 30 to 50 and stress out just to still be a loser. Luckily I'm not that stupid. I just need to pay attention. Anyways, enough about me, and more about me, because this is my blog. Although I would love to hear what you have to offer.....ya.....oh,'ve changed my life forever. Thank you for sharing that wonderful piece of information.

Anyways, tl;dr welcome to blog. I found a good super dramatic story I wrote a year ago. I'll share it next time.

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