Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daily Pictures: Wednesday 9/29

 Today was a pretty gross day. I'm bedlocked because I magically got Strep somewhere. I go to the doc in a box with my dad since the doctor is an old air force friend of his. They make me do all these crazy things! I had some sort of shot in my butt to open my throat and lungs, and had to use a vapor machine for 20 minutes. After a while the doc comes back in, and he says "yep you got strep" in a way that I thought he was kidding at first. Turns out he totally wasn't. I get to have an inhaler and antibiotics. He also suggested I get into a sport to strengthen my lungs since they aren't as strong as the need to be.

 I didn't pay attention to what my doctor was prescribing me, and it didn't matter too much to me. Military health insurance as well as my mother's health insurance paid for everything for us, so anything that will help me get over this faster the better in my opinion.
 Before I start on what they gave me I thought I would have at least have something that isn't water today, and my dad brought in some dilly bars after he spent the day with grandma. The bad news is that they pretty much melted when he brought them and they didn't solidify by the time I decided I would enjoy one 3 hours later. Luckily I caught the thing before it fell right off the wooden stick!
 Alright, so prescription story time. First impression was that I got some sort of inhaler and two different brands of antibiotics. Wrong. Turns out one of them is a type of steroids! Not the kind that I could hustle to body builders mind you, but still. Overkill! The strep symptoms were already calming down by the time I came to the doctor.

Have you ever gone to a party where there's this one belligerent drunken douche that really rubs you the wrong way so much that you want to punch him but by the time you want to he's gone? Well then a few hours later the douche comes back in the room starting to sober up and then POW you punch that fucker right in the face! That is how I feel this strep situation is being handled. I'm going to get over this strep so fast, and if I don't I'm going to be pissed. I have very important things to be doing this weekend!


  1. mmmmm Dilly bars. I think I'll go get some now. I just hope they don't melt and fall off the stick like yours.

  2. Shiiit, that's not good - hope you get well bro!